Application Standard

The mechanism is installed between the pool walls in a roller cover pit or not. It can be fixed both laterally and below the pool edge. This facilitates installation by the installer as no parts need to be glued. The mechanism is finished on top with a decking in IPE wood or in PVC.


The mechanism is installed between the pool walls behind a vertical polyester separating panel. The panel is fixed between the pool walls or below the pool edge by means of two stainless steel guides. The mechanism is finished on top with a decking in IPE wood or in PVC. This system is particularly suitable for renovations and for a new pool.

Application Wheel conductors

The mechanism is installed in a concrete recess. The wheel conductors are used to guide the slats underneath the beam. The mechanism can be covered in various ways: decking in IPE wood, concrete, tiles, etc.

Application Beach

The Prestige « Beach » system is installed below concrete stairs. This model is highly appreciated for its discreet and aesthetic design as well as for its comfort (resting place, paddling pool). Once the pool is closed, the roller cover is no longer visible.

Application Bench in polyester / PVC

The « bench » system offers a perfect solution for overflow pools, mirror pools, pools with a high water level or indoor pools. This solution allows you to enjoy the full water surface of your pool. Panels in polyester or PVC (20 mm thickness) are placed on the beams of the mechanism, forming a protective bench.

Application Roller cover pit

The « roller cover pit » system is installed in a concealed pit below the concrete pool floor. The mechanism is preferably protected by a cover in polyester or in PVC (20 mm thickness).

Application exterior

The Exterior system can be used for a new pool and is also particularly suitable for the renovation of existing pools. This system is installed on the pool edges. Its advantages include quick and easy installation, whereby only a minimum surface of the pool is used.